Productive Activities for Time Between Classes

For Edmonton college and university students, there are many ways to spend time between classes. While some activities are obvious (eating snacks, lazing out with Netflix, or catching up on social media), other, more productive options are often overlooked. Yet, being constructive or proactive in your down time can help to minimize study time on weekends, and will allow you to keep your energy up throughout the day. Here's a list of productive activity ideas for your time between classes.

Get an On-Campus Job

While you won't be able to work an entire shift if you only have an hour to spare between your classes, if you regularly have multiple hours to spare, finding an on-campus job is a great opportunity to make some extra money. These types of positions typically offer many luxuries, such as:

  • Flexible work schedules

  • Convenient work/life/school balance

  • Little to no commute time

Just be sure to avoid taking on too many hours, which could make it difficult to keep up with school work.

Work an Online Job

Online jobs are just as convenient as on-campus jobs, if not more so. Since most online jobs allow you to schedule your own hours, you could work whenever you have free time, even if it’s only an hour between classes. Moreover, if you work as a freelance writer or researcher, you could make your own schedule and take on projects as needed.

Catch Up in the Library

Trying to study in your dorm room, a buzzing student hub, or a crowded student lounge can be a losing battle. So, if you really want to be productive in between classes, head to the library and catch up on studying and assignments. Just don't forget to set a reminder on your phone to stop you from getting so lost in your studies that you show up late for class. Of course, if you lived in your own apartment in Edmonton student housing, you can always create your own peaceful study space at home.

Declutter Your Devices

Most students’ smartphones and tablets contain data they no longer don’t need. For example, your phone might still have old screenshots, unwanted music files, or thousands of unread emails. Your laptop might still have an essay you wrote in 10th grade, while your tablet could be full of unused apps. Whatever the case, clutter of any type can cause stress, and stress is one of the top enemies of college students. So, use that extra time between classes to declutter your devices and get some much-needed Zen in your life.

Meet Up with a Mentor, Advisor, or Professor

Downtime between classes is the best time to have a short meeting with your advisor or to touch base with a professor regarding any questions or concerns you may have. Trying to arrange these meetings on your days off doesn't make sense, because this free time should truly be yours. Off days are meant for resting and replenishing, not hashing out issues with your advisor or talking to professors. Thus, if you have the time, try to meet with your advisor or professor between classes. Just be sure to schedule your session with them ahead of time, because they’re busy, too.

Try Some Extracurricular Activities

Your college years are some of the busiest of your life — so busy, in fact, that it can seem impossible to do everything you want. If you’re interested in giving back to your college community or exploring extracurriculars, consider seeing if you can fit these activities in between classes. Just be sure to select an option that’s flexible enough to meet your schedule’s unique needs.