Now's the Time to Start Looking For a Summer Job

When you're a student, it's never too early to start looking for a summer job. Employers start recruiting as early as January, and if you leave your search to the last minute, all the best jobs could be gone.

Simplify your search for a great summer job with these tips:

1. Clean Up Your Online Presence

Potential employers will search for you online. Change your privacy settings on social media as well as deleting any posts and untagging any pictures that present you in a bad light.

You can go a step further to improve your online presence by creating a portfolio. This is just the kind of thing you want employers to see when they search for your name. A single page with a photo, resume, and details about your experience could be sufficient. However, if you do have work to show off, that’s even better. Remember to provide a link to your portfolio in your cover letter, as there’s no guarantee employers will find it, especially if you have a common name.

2. Look to Gain Experience

Instead of taking anything that comes your way, apply to jobs that will provide you with valuable experience. If you’re just finishing your freshman year, this is extra important. Finding a job related to your intended career will show you if you are going to enjoy working in the industry — or if you’d better adjust your career goals.

3. Use Your Connections

There are far more jobs out there than advertised. For this reason, asking friends and family members for contacts is much more effective than relying on ads alone. Alternatively, you could talk to small business owners directly to find out if they are hiring over the summer.

4. Do a Thorough Search

In the event that you do rely on advertisements, spend plenty of time searching. Check out more than the listings on just a couple websites. Run Google searches for the type of work you are looking for in Edmonton.

5. Put Effort into Each Application

Put in the effort and stand out! Spend time tailoring each cover letter to the individual job. The result will resonate with the employer much better than a generic cover letter. Plus, you will reduce the risk of making mistakes, such as addressing the letter to the wrong person.

6. Add Keywords

When a job receives multiple applications, it's impossible for the hiring manager to read each one. Instead, the company filters applications by looking for particular keywords. When replying to a job ad, look for keywords in the description and include these in your cover letter. In addition, consider what keywords relate to the skills and experience the job requires.

7. Start Your Own Business

If you’re planning to become an entrepreneur after you graduate or you are studying a business-related major, the best way to practice is to start now. Consider the types of services that are lacking in the community around you and draw up a business plan. You may even be able to recruit friends who are also looking for summer work and utilize their respective skills to increase your chances of success.

If you're planning to live and work in the city this summer, you may need to think about your living arrangements, too. If you've been living on campus, this accommodation may not be available over the summer. A better option is to look for rooms for rent in Edmonton that are available year round. Horizon Residence is the place! Contact us today to book a tour.