Planning to Get a Part-Time Job This School Year? Here's How to Balance School and Work

College and university come with a lot of new responsibilities, including academic and financial demands. For many students, working while attending school is a necessity, but failing to manage or to find a good balance between school and work can negatively affect academic performance and even mental health.

Finding ways to balance school and work will not only leave you feeling less stressed and in a better position academically, but happier overall, as well. Below are a few tips that can help you strike and maintain this balance.

Get a Flexible Work Schedule

Many employers offer flexible positions and work schedules to college and university students. Some of these positions can be found at restaurants, retail shops, grocery stores and your own college or university. Flexible work schedules can be created around your course schedule, and it’s often as simple as attending school in the mornings and afternoons and working in the evening or on the weekend. Work/study programs offer the most flexibility, as they’re designed for students, but most part-time positions are incredibly flexible and accommodating. Be sure to let the employer know that you're a student when you apply for a job so that everyone is clear about expectations and what you can manage.  

Practice Effective Time Management

Effective time management is the key to balancing school and work, and it starts with creating a realistic weekly schedule. This schedule should include your course and work schedules, any school or work assignments, pertinent activities or tasks and short-term and long-term goals. Creating a visual representation of your tasks and activities will promote punctuality and promptness, prevent forgetfulness and missing assignments and even help relieve stress and anxiety. It can also help improve your versatility, for instance, you could add a space for leisure time or cancel an unimportant task to complete more important ones.  

Consider Online Coursework

Online coursework offers many opportunities to achieve that school/work balance and many students find it less stressful. It doesn't require you to travel to campus and courses are sometimes available according to more flexible schedules. This could allow you to work more, spend more time at home or hanging out with your friends. With the right student housing, Edmonton students will also have the space they need for focused study, such as in the privacy of your room at The Horizon, or in our study lounge.

Keep Your Priorities Straight

If you want to properly balance school and work, you will need self-discipline. This means taking care of your responsibilities before moving on to other activities. Make a daily and weekly list of your priorities and then complete these tasks first. Remember, work and school always come first. Taking breaks while studying or working is recommended and can help reenergize your mind and body.

Lots of students work part-time while attending school and manage to create and maintain a healthy balance. Make note of these tips and you, too, will be able to work, study and socialize with success!